Gornja Podgora kraj Donje Stubice

preliminary design

family farm

approx. 8.200 sqm

Hrvojka and Ivo Skelin

in process

The 8,200 m2 plot in its current state is a mild slope covered in an intact thicket that used to be farmed meadows and pastures but it has turned into the edge of a new forest that falls gently to the west and reaches a little creek in a gulch that separates two slopes of Medvednica mountain that lead from the South down to Zagorje. The plot is completely engulfed in the dense forest above the village while the area near the creek is less steep and varying vegetation types and vegetation thickness change its character.

The goal is to construct and start using a natural estate of currently undefined size and substance. The aim is to execute the design and construction process in a proper manner; slowly, going with the gut, open-heartedly, with the thorough mind and above all decently, taking into account all professional rules, applying permacultural principles systematically and using common sense.

Deakovi Bregi

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